The introduction of the Congregation

The introduction of Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Korean Martyrs

Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Korean Martyrs is the first Korean  congregation generated spontaneously and established October 30, 1953. The members of the congregation serve the church and society based on the Martyrs’ spirituality. First of all, they live a pleasant life for Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the establishment of Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Korean Martyrs

Led by the Holy Spirit, the martyrs of this land themselves became “holy living sacrifices”(Rom 12:1) for Jesus Christ who is the source of eternal life and happiness. They did this to imitate Jesus Christ who gave Himself to the Father on the cross in order to save all people.
 As the Father joyfully received the Holy Sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, and bestowed on Him the name that is above every name(Phil 2:9), we are certain that our proud martyrs also have overflowingly received what they had desired.
 In this land that has been blessed by the sacred blood of the martyrs, the Lord has prepared a house for Himself to dwell in and calls us to this house, making us the “heirs of their lifeblood project”(Hom 1970.8.14.) and asking us to follow after Him like His courageous witnesses.
 We firmly believe in the help of the Holy Spirit and relying on the same Spirit, we have responded to the call of our Lord, Jesus Christ. In living out the evangelical counsels, rather than following any other way we wish to follow Jesus Christ in the way shown by the martyrs of this land.

The emblem of Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Korean Martyrs

The emblem means our missions that prove God, the Holy Trinity, and deliver the Word of God with the light of the Father to everyone in the world, using the Holy Cross as a shield. It symbolizes that the Martyrs’ victory protects and supports us. And it also means the hope we will win a victory in God.