The introduction of the Founder

The Life of Fr. Bang Yu-Ryong Andrew(1900-1986)

Bang Yu-Ryong Andrew(1900-1986)

Unlike others of his time, the founder had been raised as a Catholic, attended the seminary, and was ordained as a Catholic priest when he was 30 years old. When he was young, he had been educated as a Confucian scholar by his grandfather who was a famous scholar of that time. During his early seminary years, he had lived a life changing by means of encounter with God, and he wished to dedicate his life as a religious.

 While working as a parish priest, his main interests were to gather and teach other religious candidates. He had visited Benedictine monastic orders and other religious from Europe serving in korea, but he was acutely aware that his vocation was not to foreign order. As a Korean priest who desired the salvation of the entire nation, he realized that he had a special calling to start a Korea religious community that would live out a western ascetic life in an oriental way. With a desire to pioneer a Korean spiritual path, he became the first Korean to found a religious community.

 Fr. Bang established The Clerical Congregation of The Blessed Korean Martyrs in 1953. He made his perpetual profession in the Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Korea Martyrs In 1957, and he had devoted himself to religious life until his death in 1986. He established an ascetical system and appropriate spirituality to Korean, and as a spiritual master, he had spent his life teaching the path to union with God and guiding others. He is known as a Korean spiritual authority who had enculturated suitably Western Christianity to the sprit and culture of the Orient.