"Born of love and born for love, we are all in love. Love is who we are, our purpose,  our mission and our reason for being."

( Founder Priest, Fr. Bang Yu - Ryong)

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+63 2 423 9717 (San Lorenzo Ruiz Formation House)

+82 2 744 4702
(Vocation Director)

E-mail (Mother House) :
Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Korean Martyrs(BMC)

Address in the Philippines:

San Pedro Calungsod Formation House
191 Brgy Sulsugin Ibabasulsugin Alfonso 4120 Cavite, The Philippines

San Lorenzo Ruiz Formation House
No.2, 13th St., Victoria Ave., New Manila, Quezon City, The Philippines

Address of the Mother House in Korea:
한국순교복자성직수도회 서울시 성북구 성북로 143 (우편번호: 02879)
Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Korean Martyrs
143, Seongbuk-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code: 02879)