Aspirancy (1 year)

  • It is time for affiliates to learn the congregational traditions and a liturgical life under the guidance of the director of affiliates.

Postulancy (1 year)

  • During this time, postulants grow in responsibility for community life. It is time to learn the Catholic doctrine of consecrated life and theologies and to prepare for participation in ministry.

Novitiate (1 year)

  •  The novitiate is a critical time for novices to recognize the calling of God. It is time to put effort into studies for a religious life and understand the charism of our congregation. Novices participate in life of the community and develop their spirituality by following the founder’s teachings.

Temporary profession (4 years)

  •  In this period, brothers are encouraged in spiritual growth and participate in the ministry. It is time to understand what they learned in the novitiate more deeply under the guidance of the director.

Perpetual profession (Ongoing formation)

  •  At the end of the formation procedure, brothers take vows of chastity, poverty and obedience for life and dedicate themselves to God perpetually.